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Order Information and Conditions

Refund Policy

We want you to be completely satisfied with your order. If your book is damaged during shipping or if there’s anything wrong with the binding and printing of the book, please contact us and we will send a replacement book at no charge.

Please carefully check for spelling and typos when you submit your book order, and inspect the quality and order of the pictures and illustrations you submit. Because personalized books are unique books made for individual customers, we cannot issue refunds for products with customization mistakes. By submitting their customizations, customers understand that each personalized book will be printed exactly as submitted.

Submission Policy

 By submitting your child’s words, photos and artwork to create their unique personalized book, you give Picture It! Kids, LLC an automatic license to use these materials and creations for the specific purpose of printing your child’s personalized book.

By submitting your customizations, including text, photos and artwork, you warrant that you have the right to submit all materials and that they do not infringe on someone else’s copyright. To submit your child’s words, art and picture, you need to be their legal guardian, all the art has to be created by your child and/or yourself, or you must have received the express permission to use the material you submit from a third party (and if they are a minor, their legal guardian). The submitted pictures of your child and their artwork has to be taken by you and/or your child or someone who gives you the express permission to use the photographs (and if they are a minor, their legal guardian).

By submitting your customizations, you agree not to submit any materials that may be deemed inappropriate or that may misrepresent or harass another person. Picture It! Kids reserves the right, at our sole discretion, to refuse to print any material that we deem inappropriate.

By re-ordering a copy of a personalized book, friends and family warrant that they have the express permission to order a copy of the book from the illustrator and their parent or legal guardian.


Orders expire one year from the date of purchase. Please submit all artwork within 12 months of ordering your book kit.

Shipping Information

 We currently ship our personalized books to the United States and Canada. Please allow for 14-21 business days to receive your final personalized book in the mail.

Downloadable Creation Kits

 By downloading a Creation Kit, you agree to use it solely to create the artwork and customizations needed for the production of the final personalized book. Downloadable kits are the original, copyrighted creation of Picture It! Kids and cannot be shared or reproduced by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying or otherwise, except to be printed for the specific purpose of customizing the order.


We believe our personalized books inspire children to write, read and create. We want kids to feel proud of their artwork and feel like young illustrators in the making. Nevertheless, please note that our personalized books are sold as is and are for personal use only, and are not published books with individual ISBN numbers. We do not warrant the merchantability or fitness of our products for any particular use beyond personal use. We reserve all rights to the layout of each book. Books created from our customizable kits are not for resale, although customers can reorder copies of any personalized book through our website for friends and family.

Where To Submit A Copyright Complaint

If you believe that someone has used your copyrighted creations without your permission in the making of one of our books, please contact us, providing your name, contact information and a detailed description of why you believe your copyright was infringed upon, and we will not print any future orders of the specific copyrighted material.

All the conditions above are subject to our terms of service and privacy policy.