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Make Your Students Published Authors

student publishing

If your students worked hard on creating essays and art all year, or if they’ve written a story they are proud of, student publishing is a wonderful way to acknowledge their efforts and celebrate their creativity.

Each student submits their own text and illustrations and receives a full-size full-color hardcover book featuring them as the author. Their name, choice of title, and artwork is displayed on the front cover. Every book includes a picture and bio of the young author, along with a dedication.

Order your free teacher kit now to get started. Each finished book is $34.99 and includes up to 24 pages per student. 20% of all pre-order sales go back to your school or classroom and shipping is on us! 

The finished product is a full-color, full-size 9 x 11″ professionally bound hardcover book.

NOTE: This product is for teachers who want each one of their students to publish their own book, whether it’s a long story or a collection of essays from their year. If you’d like to publish a collection of work from the class, choose My Classroom Book instead.

How It Works

Order your free kit now to download your teacher kit and student templates.

You can choose the Long Student Template if you’re starting your project, or the Short Template if your project is done and you’re ready to order your books.

Print one template per student and create your project.

Send our pre-written letter to parents so they can pre-order their child’s book. A copy is only $34.99 and 20% goes back to the school. Each child will get a unique order number.

When the projects are ready, submit each book here. You will receive a prepaid label to return each project to be published. All you need is the student’s unique order number and template. Students can submit their own books with the help of their parents.

Once all submissions are received, the books go into production. Expect your books to arrive in one bulk shipment within 14-21 business days. Shipping is on us!

Each book includes up to 12 pages of text and 12 illustrations (if students submit less than 8 of each, blank pages will be added to the end of the book).


  • Approximate date you plan to have your project ready for publishing.
  • Address to send bulk shipment of all pre-ordered books