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Add Classroom Books to Your Curriculum

Student publishing has countless benefits, two of which we notice right away in the classroom:

1. When students write words they know will get published, they try their hardest and are motivated to do their best.

2. When a student sees their work and name in a hardcover book, they feel a real pride of authorship that can inspire them to continue to read and write for years to come.

Because a love of reading and writing is such a huge component of academic success, including our program into your school’s curriculum is a great way to empower your students as lifelong readers and accomplished writers.

The hardcover books created each year are also a wonderful showcase of the level of achievement of your students and your school’s commitment to educational excellence. All Classroom Books come with a complimentary copy for your school’s library to share with prospective parents and serve as great evidence for school accreditation.

If you are interested in including our student publishing program into your curriculum, please fill out the form below and we will contact you to discuss the options and possibilities. We offer integrated lesson plans and teacher support for many grade levels.


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If you would like to bring student publishing to your classrooms but don’t have the resources to include the program in your curriculum at this time, you can still publish a Classroom Book  or School Spirit Book through optional pre-ordering from parents and families.