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School Spirit Book

school book fundraiser

Celebrate your school and students while fundraising!

 This unique full-color hardcover book is a collection of writings and illustrations by your students and about your school!

Our School Spirit book is not a yearbook. It’s a book entirely written and illustrated by the students, empowering every child who participates as a published author or illustrator! Cover school events, highlight your student’s best work, and share the diverse culture of your community.

How does it work?

1. Get started right away. Fill out the form on this page to download your FREE kit.

2. Collect Submissions. Students from any grade level can submit material for the book. Teachers can also nominate standout work to be included or submit a classroom creation.

3. Get pre-orders in. Parents pre-order as many books as they want. Books range from $24.99 – $29.99 depending on the number of pages. 20% of all pre-order sales goes back to the school, and the school library receives a free copy for all students to enjoy.

4. Submit. When the project is done, submit your School Spirit book on our website and return any artwork using our prepaid shipping label. That’s it!

We’ll start working on your books right away. When the setup is complete, you’ll receive a link to preview your book online. As soon as you approve it, your books go into production and will be shipped within 14-21 business days.

What goes in the book?

 Here are some suggestions to fill your School Spirit book, but no need to limit contributions to this list. Let the students’ imaginations fill the pages with their own creative ideas!

  1. Student Creations:

  • Essays or short stories with illustrations
  • Poems with illustrations
  • Artwork
  • Comic strips
  • Book reviews with illustrations
  • Student created riddles, puzzles or word games…
  • Collective classroom works
  • And more…


  • Date you plan to submit your final project to us. We recommend March or early April. Plan for 21 business days after we receive all your materials for your books to arrive.
  1. School Spirit:

 Students write articles and create artwork around school features and events they love. For example:

  • A special field trip
  • Book Fair
  • Career Day
  • School Parade
  • Talent shows
  • School clubs
  • Sports
  • Afterschool programs
  • PTA family events…
  1. Community culture:

  • Family recipes: Student contribute family recipes they love. Each recipe can include a picture or illustration with a paragraph about the origin of the recipe and what makes it special. This is a great way for classmates to share their culture and family traditions (check out our template).
  • Interests: Students write about a sport or a hobby they practice, introducing the community and their friends to something new.
  • Community Resources. Families share their favorite books or movies of the year for different ages.

What are the Benefits?

Making a School Spirit Book is a unique way to raise funds for your school, because instead of candy bars or pizza, this sale promotes books written and illustrated by students. It’s a great way to fund education with education!

Here are some other benefits to making these student-published book for your school:

  • Empowers students as published authors and inspires them to continue to write, read, and create.
  • Celebrates the diversity of cultures at the school.
  • An incentive for academic achievement: teachers can nominate work from assignments that stood out.
  • Everyone gets to shine. Because the book is a not just a collection of stories, but also includes illustrations and games, there is room for everyone to participate regardless of where their strength lies.
  • Encourages teamwork: A student may write a story and another student illustrate it.
  • Showcases the quality of the students’ work and school events. A complimentary library copy can be shared with prospective parents.
  • A great learning experience for the student editorial team in charge of gathering submissions and getting the book publish-ready.
  • Excellent evidence to share for school accreditation.
  • A keepsake for families, students and teachers to remember their year and school.

And last but not least… it’s fun!