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My Preschool Graduation Book

My Preschool Graduation Book


My Preschool Graduation Book is a wonderful keepsake for your students to remember their preschool year forever. Each book features two pages per student, with an All About Me sheet on one side and artwork on the other. The cover of the book is personalized with a class picture and name of graduating class. All books include a dedication, teacher picture and bio. Extra pages at the end of book highlight the preschool year through pictures of the best art projects.

Order one book for every graduate and get your school copy for FREE. It’s a wonderful way to remember your graduating classes from year to year and to give prospective parents a visual of your school. Shipping is on us!


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How It Works

As soon as you place your order, you will be able to download our teacher kit and student templates.

Using the kit and templates, create the book with the graduating class. You can make it one fun activity in class, or create your book over the course of several days.

When everything is ready, just submit your creations on our website to order the final hardcover books. All you need is your order number.

Within 7 business days, you’ll receive a link to preview your book online. Approve it and your shipment is on its way! All materials are submitted electronically, so you can get your books as quickly as possible.

The finished product is a full-color, full-size 9 x 11″ professionally bound hardcover book!

A Perfect Preschool Graduation Gift

If you’ve been looking for preschool graduation ideas, this book is a great choice. Consider the benefits:

  • Your young students can show what they learned and visualize their year.
  • They can remember their school and friends by looking through the pages of the book, helping them transition to their new school or class.
  • They can feel proud of the work accomplished, as young published authors and illustrators who can do anything they apply themselves to.

Use the optional introduction for the book, or write your own well wishes to your students. Our books are customizable, so you can take as little time or as much time as you want creating this keepsake for your class. However you approach it, parents and students alike will be so excited to go home with this unique keepsake from your preschool.





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