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Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

What materials should children use to color, draw or create their pictures?

For best results, we recommend using markers, but children can also use crayons or colored pencils that are not too light. Please avoid pastels and paints.

What if a child is too young to write?

Teachers or parents can ask their child what they would like to say, then write it for them, or even write their words in dotted lines they can trace.

What if a child draws or colors outside of the boxes?

Sometimes our imagination spills outside the lines:) Just keep in mind that the only part of the drawings that will be in the finished book will be inside the boxed area.

How long do I have to order the books?

Orders expire one year from the date of purchase, so young authors has plenty of time to create.

Classroom Book FAQs

I have a large class. How many students can be featured in the book?

You can make a Classroom Book with up to 35 students.

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