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Publish a Classroom Book


  • Approximate date you plan to have your project ready for publishing. Plan for 14-21 days after we receive all your submitted material for your books to arrive.

classroom bookMake your students proud authors and artists while encouraging teamwork by creating a beautiful hardcover Classroom Book showcasing your students’ writing.

The teacher’s copy is FREE and 20% of all pre-order sales go back to your school! 

You can use any lesson plan to start your Classroom Book: poetry, essays, recipes, All About Me projects… Browse through our templates for ideas or publish a project you just finished in class.

Our classroom books are collections of work featuring two pages per student, so everyone can shine while being engaged in collaborative work.

The finished product is a full-color, full-size 9 x 11″ professionally bound hardcover book featuring each student’s written text and illustration. It makes a wonderful keepsake for children to remember their school year and each other. Every customized book has your classroom’s personalized hardcover design and title.  This setup is a shoe-in for essays, short stories and poem collections from your students.

How It Works

  1. Get started right away. Teachers can download our kits directly from the website and print as many copies as they want to fit their classroom size.
  2. Create your project in class.
  3. Submit. When the project is done, submit your classroom book on our website and return any artwork using our prepaid shipping label.

We’ll start working on your book right away. When the setup is complete, you’ll receive a link to preview your classroom book online. As soon as you approve it, your books go into production and will be shipped within 14-21 business days.

Get Your Free Book and Raise Money for Your School

Our teacher kit includes a sample letter to encourage parents to preorder their copy of your classroom book. A copy is only $24.99 and 20% goes back to the school. If we’ve received 10 parent pre-orders or more, the teacher’s copy is FREE, and shipping is included!