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All our programs are inspired by an arts-integrated curriculum that enhances both creative writing and artistic skills, culminating with a professionally bound hardcover book.


1. Inspiration: As published authors and illustrators, students take pride in their work and feel empowered to keep writing and reading.

2. Education: Kids take ownership of their learning with Common Core aligned lesson plans.

3. Arts Integration: Built-in differentiated instruction lets students make meaningful connections to the material and their own lives.

4. Responsibility: The prospect of published work leads to a deeper commitment of student effort.

5. Teamwork: Students enlarge their own understanding of a subject when collaborating with fellow students.

Classroom Books are also a wonderful keepsake for students to remember their school and classmates and a way to raise money for your school!

Make literacy superheroes

When a child holds a book in their hands with their name on it, something magical happens: a feeling of pride, empowerment, and confidence.That child is not another student with another writing assignment. That child is an author with a can do attitude inspired to keep reading, writing and creating.