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Our Story

Picture It! Kids was started by a husband and wife team and their three children. Really! Our children are the real inspiration behind our student publishing adventure.

How It All Started

When our two oldest kids were 5 and 7 years old, they loved when we made up stories at night, especially when it featured them as the heroes. So mommy had an idea…

child illustration house in sky

“I would write their own unique personalized story and read a page of it every Saturday night. If they liked the story and wanted it to continue, they had to draw an illustration of what had happened and leave it under my pillow the next morning.

This turned into a wonderful game.

I would leave paper and crayons outside their bedroom door and would always find wonderful and unique illustrations under my pillows the next morning. There was an added benefit:  We got to sleep in a little longer on Sunday morning while they created their artwork:)”

The Finished Product

girl with personalized book

Daughter with published book

About a year after we started this personalized story adventure, each child had a full 50-page long story, full of pictures drawn and colored by them. We sent it all to “Santa”, and on Christmas morning, the kids discovered two hardcover books with their stories and illustrations inside.

Our children were so excited they showed the books to everyone: Grandma, Grandpa, their friends, teachers… They were so proud to see their names on the front cover as the illustrators of a published book!

The best part of it is that now they wanted to write their own stories to add their names as authors too! They wanted to read more, write more, think up stories and use their imaginations!

We wanted to bring that excitement and inspiration to other families, so we designed bookmaking kits for children to make their own book.

From Individual Books to Classroom Books

We soon realized this would be a wonderful tool for teachers to not only inspire children to write, read and create, but get them to do their best work. Drawing from a background in education (a Masters of Education and ten years of teaching), we designed lesson plans  through careful curriculum integration to give teachers of all elementary grades the opportunity to publish their own classroom book.

So here we are, and I sincerely hope you will find this experience as fulfilling and fun as we did!